Well, Hello 2010!

We aren’t even a month deep into 2010 and there has been so much to talk about and no time to blog it. Here are the top 7 changes that have been going behind the scenes this month (the last being the biggest):
1: It is officially “Wedding Planning Season”. It’s a phenomenon that every wedding professional knows. January 2nd starts the season. All of the brides and grooms take a break from planning to focus on the holidays and visit family and friends. Those family and friends ask how the planning is going and everyone realizes they have a lot to do before the wedding. The calendar is flipped to Jan. 2nd and all the sudden everyone realizes that this is finally their wedding year and they have to get a move on the planning.
Vendors in turn get slammed with phone calls and emails. (Don’t worry, we expect it so it’s okay.) So I’ve spent the last few weeks catching up with brides and meeting those who got engaged over the holidays. Emails= Meetings= paperwork so I’ve been quite busy lately!
2. We were voted for the “Bride’s Choice Award 2010″ by Wedding Wire and were rated amongst the top 5% of wedding vendors in the country! This was the third year in a row! Obviously, we have some awesome brides.
3. We hired the cutest ever staff member at Mocha Rose (although, I’m sure Andrew would argue this claim). He isn’t very productive, but he sure is a sweetheart. Next time you are at the shop, have him give you a high fives and rub his belly and he will love you forever. His name is Yoshi and he’s about 12 pounds at this point.
4. We were also voted as a “Best of Weddings” 2009 from the brides at The Knot Again, thank you! We really do try to make you happy and I think it shows.
5. We are Mac. I will admit to having an iPhone and thinking it is the greatest thing on Earth. After my 5… or 6? computers broke on me in the past few years, I realized that something was wrong and computers aren’t supposed to be disposable. So I went Mac and I’m a happy girl. I thought it was all hype, but I cannot believe what I can accomplish with this computer. That hopefully will also equal more blog updates!
6: The BIG news: We are relocating!!! The current studio was beautiful and cozy but for the amount the business has grown, it was just too small. As you can see from the picture below, the 800 sq. ft. shop was cramped when we had large events. Our amazing staff never complained and always found a way to make it work. However the time has come to expand.
So we are moving just up the street to a huge 3500 sq. ft workshop and showroom! The date is scheduled for March 1st.
The most exciting part is that we are setting up a lounge and library for our clients to come in before their consultations to browse and get ideas from everything from flowers to event design to the vendors that we trust the most.
7. The super sweet and amazingly talented photographer Lee Ann Marie posted a “tell all” interview of the changes going on and a little bit about how I got into the biz.
Not only that, but Lee Ann has offered to document some behind the scenes work in the transition. Let me just say that they are going to be BIG changes.
So that’s it for now. I’m still here, just working on a lot of fun stuff behind the scenes. Looking forward to a killer season in 2010!