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Lots of Pictures

Lots of Pictures
I just wanted to share some of the recent arrangements we have made for our customers and events.This was one of the large centerpieces we made for the Union Project's Annual Unwrapped Party. How cool is this pot?They let me do what ever I wanted so of course I had to build something funky and sculptural like this impaled rose orb.And Lincoln needed a hat.This was o[...]

Shannon and Nate’s Wedding at the Aviary

Shannon and Nate's Wedding at the Aviary
Shannon and Nate were married December 1st, 2007 at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh. I just received some wonderful photos from their photographer (also a Shannon) of http://www.centeravenueimaging.com/These photos were too good not to share! I hope to go through some of my other 2006-2007 weddings and will put together a few more featured events in the next few mon[...]

Best of 2007

Happy 2008! I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season. As 2007 came to a close, we wanted to reflect on the past year. 2007 was such an amazing one for us that we wanted to share the highlights with everyone. The following blog features our favorite flowers, events, people, places, websites and vendors of the year.     Favorite Bouquet:[...]