Shannon and John at the Grand Concourse

I have a ton of pictures from 2009 weddings and I hope to get a few blogs out in the next two weeks before the move into the new studio on March 1st. To start it off, here is a great wedding that took place on June 13, 2010 at St. Michael’s Church in Munhall with a reception at the Grand Concourse in Station Square.

All of the shots here were taken by
who are simply amazing at what they do. They just have a way of capturing the perfect moment and I’ve been a long time stalker of their work. It was truly a pleasure to get to work with them!
Shannon and John were one of my favorite couples that I have worked with to this date. When Shannon asked if I could add a skull and cross bones pendant to John’s boutonniere as a surprise, of course I was game!

Then when Shannon agreed to using my favorite flower ever, I knew this would be a fun wedding. I love peonies! Even more, I love the coral peony because it opens into a gorgeous 6 inch bloom of pure heaven.

They had their reception at the Grand Concourse in Station Square. What a gorgeous and historical venue! What I like most about this venue is that there are smaller mixed tables which creates such an intimate setting. And look at those peonies!

Shannon asked me to restring a pearl necklace that her grandmother had made and secure it around the base of the bouquet. It’s such a special way to honor those you love on your wedding day.

Thank you Shannon and John for asking me to be part of such a fun wedding!