The Reason Why I Love my Job

This is why I do what I do. Yes, this picture is blurry. Yes, it might not be a shot for the nicely presented photo album the bride and groom purchase after the event. But this shot captures my moments. It means the world to me. I truly do care about every single couple I work with. I love meeting with them over our first cup of coffee. I love hearing about their jobs, their dream wedding and how they met each other.
I am behind the scenes. The bridal party, the groom, the minister and the family are already waiting in the front of the church. I am there as the bride and her father (or mother, brother or sons) are waiting with anticipation to walk down the aisle. I get to share in this quiet moment with them. Sometimes it is filled with hysterical laughter. Sometimes it is filled with tears. Sometimes with silence.
This shot is taken at the moment when I know my job is done. Months of planning have come to an end. I have just fluffed the bride’s train and she is walking down the aisle to begin a new life with her husband. How could I not love this moment?
I thank each and every one of you who have allowed me to share this moment with you. It is truly an honor.