Rachael and Shawn

The next wedding will again go down as one of my all time favorites! Rachael and Shawn were married this past October. How can you not love Rachael? Just look at that glamourous face? The best part was that she hired one of my absolute favorite photographers: Jenny Grace Photography
Rachael came to me asking for a Marie Antionette themed wedding in deep jewel tones. (Fun!) She was open, fun and let me do my thing. This is the result. My husband (even though he is an active part of the business, just isn’t a flower person) said this was his favorite bouquet ever. I’ve made 1,000’s bouquets at this point so that is quite a compliment!

Love these two!

Seriously, isn’t Jenni amazing at capturing a moment?? Isn’t Rachael a doll???
And the bridesmaid bouquets…
She wanted something different so we created “composite bouquets”. Obviously, there isn’t a rose on the planet this big.
How did we do it? Well, each petal on this bouquet was individually glued to form one giant rose that measured at least 6 inches across. Then we built a gold wire holder and threaded blue beads through the wire. To top it off, we added gold skeleton leaves as a collar. Hands down, these were the most unique bridesmaid bouquets we’ve ever made!

Seriously gorgeous!
Shawn’s boutonniere was made a fiddlehead fern, eggplant calla lily and fresh ferns.
Congratulations Rachael and Shawn!