Planning a Green Wedding: Part 1

I have so much information on planning an environmentally friendly wedding or event, that I am going to have to divide it into a series of smaller blogs and post in intervals. Some may say that “green” is the new trendy attitude. Even the city of Pittsburgh is “going green”:

While I hope it is more than just a trend, it is great to see that people are becoming more socially responsible especially when it comes to holding large events. There are plenty of ways that you can implement green tactics and still hold a fabulous event. I hope that through this blog series, I can show you how our company is maintaining a green attitude and how we can help you do the same.

1. Today’s Green Tip: Donate your leftover food

This week I have been working on a few details for a wedding that we will be doing in March at Heinz Field. The bride chose tall centerpieces in large glass cylinders filled with fresh green apples and topped with balls of fresh flowers. (I’ll be sure to post photos! They are going to look fantastic!)

So when the wedding is over, what is done with the hundreds, maybe even over a thousand green apples?

Well, I am certainly not letting them go into the trash! With the clients’ permission, we will be making arrangements for the leftover apples to be donated to the Three Rivers Table Program. They will actually coordinate for left over food to be picked up from your reception site to be delivered to a local soup kitchen, after school program or shelter. I haven’t confirmed this yet and will update the blog when I get an answer, but we are checking to see if they will accept the left over cookies as well.

Here is a PDF file for more info on the Three Rivers Table program:

2. Donate your leftover flowers

We can also arrange for extra centerpieces to be taken to your favorite charity to enjoy after the wedding. Meals on Wheels, Retirement Homes, the Family House, shelters and many other charities love to have flowers after an event to spread some extra cheer. If you are using rental vases, don’t worry because most of the charities will even give us back the vases when they are done!