The Philadelphia Flower Show 2009

My husband and I traveled to Philadelphia this weekend to check out the 2009 Philadelphia Flower Show. I had never been to this show before and had no idea what to expect.

All I have to say is that it completely took my breath away!

Even though the crowds were a bit overwhelming, it was truly amazing to see that many people who were there to admire the flowers.

The displays were out of this world and kudos go to all of the florists, landscapers, designers and staff that dedicated their time to such an event.

There were so many people that I found it hard to get to the signs and find out who made these amazing displays. If anyone can help me credit the designers, I would love to give props where props are surely deserved.

As a designer, I found this event to be incredibly inspiring.

I adored this display by My photos do not even begin to show how amazing this piece is and you can find many more shots on their blog here:

This cymbidium orchid wall was constructed by Flowers By David:
Below is the beginning of the AIFD (the American Institute of Floral Designers) section. These are the designs from the best of the best of America. They did not disappoint!

And this brings us to the fashion part of the program…

Yes, shoes… made out of flowers.

And you know what? I’d totally wear them.

Especially these.

Or these.

I had to look at these very closely before I realized that these shoes were made out of individual lily of the valley florets.

What floral show wouldn’t be complete without purses made of botanical products?

I think this might have been my favorite display at the show. I want an ostrich flower purse.

The next photo is the listing of all of the botanical items this purse was constructed from.

The plants were endless.

I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to make the drive this weekend. I will be back next year. Next year however, I’ll be wearing tennis shoes! What was I thinking when I left Pittsburgh and my only pair of shoes were three inch heels??? My feet will be in recovery all week.