The New Shop

Forgive me for posting low quality photos from my phone, but I wanted to give everyone a quick update of what we have been doing. As many of you know, we are relocating to a larger space just 2 blocks up from the current space to 4805 Penn Avenue. We will be moved in by April 1st.
It’s been quite a change and still has long way to go, but I just wanted to share how far the transition has gone. The first two pictures were taken today of the showroom area.
And the following pictures were taken a month ago.

The front:

Looking into the showroom from the production area.

The back view of the production area.

The framing of our office and the walls.

The walls before the framing (same view as the first photo). What a change!
The main part of the production area.

In all, the final layout is 3200 sq ft. I will update in the future after the space is more set up.
In the meantime, there may be a delay in response to emails as I haven’t had much time in the office. If you are looking for a more immediate response, feel free to give us a call at 412.621.3204 (until 3/22) and 412.361.4141 (after 3/22).