Meet Andrew!

There is a new face at Mocha Rose! I’m very happy to introduce Andrew, my new assistant. Andrew joined Mocha Rose a few weeks ago and was immediately thrown into the action with Nicole and Graham’s Duquesne Club wedding. I told him he was free to go running at the end of the week if he hated me.

I’m happy to say he is still here. Here he is posing with his first ever floral arrangement. Can you say natural talent?

I wanted to give Andrew a proper introduction. Andrew is learning the business alongside me so he may be emailing clients, sitting in on consultations and helping me during event set up. We are trying to come up with his official job title. Andrew suggested “Design Assistant/ Couture Fabric Draper”. (He has a gift with draping fabric). I’ve learned that there really isn’t anything he cannot do with a background in theater, journalism, graphic design and fashion.

I’m very excited to have him on the team. In the next few months, you will notice changes at Mocha Rose including our website, blog, events and new products- all things that I couldn’t do without Andrew.

Welcome! Welcome!