Is there a such thing as a mocha rose?

I get an incredible amount of hits on my blog and website from people searching for a mocha or chocolate rose. You know, as in the color and flower, not the fabulous Pittsburgh based floral designer…

So is there a such rose?
Well, yes and no.

The closest that you are going to find is called a Terra Nostra rose. Getting your hands on them is another story.

This type of rose was just introduced in 2006 and it often takes years for a rose to get to the point where there are enough farms growing it to bring it into circulation. It is beginning to make appearances in the US, but is still incredibly hard to get and will most likely cost a pretty penny.

As soon as I can get my hands on this rose, I will let everyone know because I am just as excited as you.

In the meantime, there are a few flowers that currently come in the chocolate or mocha color you are looking for.
Here is a list of brown/ chocolate or mocha flowers:
  • Chocolate Cosmos– tiny brown flowers that actually smell like chocolate. They are a little harder to find so have a back up in mind. They also can wilt easily so they may not be the best choice for a hot summer outdoor wedding.
  • Sunflowers– They are perfect for a fall wedding, affordable and fairly easy to find.
  • Brown Cymbidium Orchids– These are not easy on the pocketbook and are harder to find during the hot summer months but they are too pretty to resist.
  • Calla Lilies– these are usually more of a dark eggplant color and again are fairly expensive but they are usually available all year long.
  • Dried Elements– I love to add dried elements to my bouquets and arrangements. I’ll add dried lotus pods in the summer, acorns in the fall and pine cones in the winter.

Photography by: Dino Bovo

If you had your heart set on a rose bouquet you can always try a terracotta or leonidas rose. They are both beautiful and have a brownish, cinnamon undertone. Until the terra nostra can keep up with the demand, this is a close as most of us will get. (The roses in the photo above are leonidas.)