Introducing Wedding by Color!

Our website has been long overdue for an update! I’ll be putting pages together one at a time, but I wanted to share something that I thought would be very useful for brides looking for flowers. Since I know that colors matter more often than flowers, I’ve decided to add a page where you can browse our work by color.
Here is a screenshot of the “Pink Weddings” category.
Click on any photo and it will pop out as a slide show. You can use your arrow keys to see the next shot in the pink gallery.

If you’d prefer to search by a specific term, flower type or style, just click “Search” or “Tags” (this is located just below “Register”). Here is a screenshot of what it looks like when you search for “fiddleheads”.

And here is the result for all shots tagged “fiddleheads” in this gallery.

I hope this helps! Feedback is welcome!