How to Choose Wedding ColorsA florist's guide to choosing the perfect color palette

One pretty common problem that brides have is picking a color palette for their wedding. With a seemingly endless number of options it can feel overwhelming. How do you decide what color bridesmaid dresses to get? How do you coordinate the invitations? The tuxes? The flowers?

My first advice is to purchase your wedding dress before you decide on anything. You may have always pictured yourself in a diamond white ballgown, but when you try it on, you realize that you look much better in that ivory mermaid cut dress.

So you have picked your gown and are ready for the next step. Your wedding venue, season, and formality can help to define your color palette. The black and white color scheme you imagined may not look right in the barn setting you have booked for the fall.

So where do you look for inspiration?

The answer is anywhere. Go to a fabric store and browse the bolts until a pattern and texture jumps out at you. Flip through your favorite magazine and look for ads with color combinations you love. Take a close look at that photo of you and your fiancé from your Jamaican vacation. Browse the papers at a fine stationary store until you see a design you love.

The power of the Internet is amazing. I found a lovely, chic Valentine’s day card on Etsy (always a great source for cute and fresh designs). Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, I thought this would be a great way to demonstrate how to create a beautiful palette. This palette will actually work any month of the year.

So you have an image. It can be a scanned fabric swatch, an imported piece of stationary, a photo of the sunset on the beach or as in this case, a card. Take that image and go to this Color Palette Generator or Color Hunter. You can enter the url of the image and it will automatically generate your color palette for you. Here’s a screen shot from Color Hunter after I uploaded the photo.

Now we have a color palette! For the next step, use your googling skills, browse wedding websites, and check out other blogs for inspiration. (Always make sure that you save the links so when you want to purchase the items, you’ll know where to find them.)

Here’s a wonderful group of flower ideas that we found on the Martha Stewart website:

What color bridesmaids dresses do you choose? In this case, I would recommend a pink similar to either shade of light pink. They will be flattering against most skin tones and will work as a great base color. In this case, keep red, white and eggplant as accent colors.


To take this palette a step further, we’ll show you which bridesmaid dresses, invitations, flowers, cake and favors will look great. Just keep in mind, use the light pink as a base and the red, white and eggplant as accents.


I love this Martha Stewart idea for the place cards. Believe it or not, carnations are making a come back and this is why. How gorgeous is this?




Find a designer on Etsy, or check out local stationery designers that can custom design a beautiful wedding invitation for you in your new color palette.




This is a wonderful palette for flowers. For the bride, I would recommend a simple and elegant bouquet of pink and cream roses or peonies. I made the bouquet to the left for one my brides last August. I loved the pearl bouquet wrap.
Depending on the season, light pink nerine lilies and lily of the valley would also look gorgeous in this soft, feminine bouquet.

For the bridesmaids’ bouquets, why not add a touch of bright red as an accent through flowers or ribbon? Red anemones, ranunculus, dahlias, tulips or roses would all make the bouquets pop against those pale pink bridesmaid dresses.

When I put palettes together, I try to imagine shapes, textures and designs that will compliment it. One of the first things that came to my mind for this palette was a doily. Doilies are soft, feminine and remind me of Victorian elegance. I love the idea of using a shimmery pink linen as the base for the table and adding a delicate white lace runner down the center of the table.


The best part is that you can find lace runners at a VERY affordable price! I loved these two designs.
This lace doily is only $4.95 and would look beautiful and elegant placed on top of a pink linen. Or for

$17 each, you could have a lace runner line the center of your table.



The rest of the planning is simple! Have a little fun picking out the remaining details like the signature cocktail. Can I suggest a pomegranate martini?