First Post

 This just so happens to be the third blog I have started for Mocha Rose. What can I say, I’m a busy girl. I forgot about the first one. I had great plans for the second one, but I broke that one. Did you know that you can break a blog? I didn’t.
I’m not making any promises that I will update this blog after every event because I know I won’t. I’m a busy person. I will however come on every once in awhile and share ideas, photos, vendors, stories and general things I love.


So here I am. I am April. I’m the designer, the owner and grunt laborer. I’m also second from the left in the picture here. It was my best friend’s wedding in which I had the honor of being both the florist and the bridesmaid.
I have enlisted my husband, Mr. Mocha and a good friend, Kate to help with with events. Both are wonderful and put up with me even when I’m tired and grumpy.


This wedding season was a great one. So far we have done 19 this year with 7 left to go. 2008 is booking up quicker than I imagined. That’s great and hopefully we’ll be able to bring our business to the next level very soon. Check back for updates!


So as a florist I get asked a lot of questions about what I like personally. What is my favorite flower, color, venue, season, style, etc.
Do you know how impossible it is for me to pick a favorite flower? It seriously can change every day and it is usually the one that is currently in my hand. I do favor those that are not very common due to price or seasonality like cymbidium orchids, peonies, dalhias and funky things like the pin cushion protea in the orange bouquet above. I also like things that smell pretty like sweet pea, lily of the valley and again peonies.


What’s my favorite color? Again, it changes but I love anything paired with Mocha (Chocolate Brown). I’m a big fan of browns, aquas, greens and whites and a peacock feather has inspired me for my future logo and business design. (Ok, I just realized that made me sound like a crazy artist.) I also love a soft blushy pink. Or even a bright combination of citrusy yellows, oranges and greens.



Favorite venue: I do play favorites here. This job takes me into some amazing venues that very few people know about. My favorites in no particular order are Longue Vue Country Club, The Rivers Club, The Twentieth Century Club and the PAA. I’m really excited about some of the venues that I have scheduled for next year like The Water’s Edge Exhibit at the Zoo, Heinz Field and PNC Park.


Favorite Season: Fall because I love the smells, the pumpkin spiced lattes, the colorful leaves and that great feeling you have when you put on that first cozy sweater of the year. Oh and football. I’m a huge Steelers fan.


Mr. Mocha and I were married in the fall. In fact, two years ago on Monday we will be celebrating our second anniversary. It will actually be 9 years that he has had to put up with me, but only two of them legally count.



Favorite Style: I’d definitely say my style is modern. I use very little, if any, greenery in my arrangements. I believe that flowers should do the talking and I do not like to use greens to fill in space where flowers should be. Occasionally you’ll find me adding folded hosta leaves to the bottom of a bouquet, bear grass around a calla lily, or an exotic tropical leaf to an altar arrangement, but that’s about as far as I go.


I also prefer a hand tied look as opposed to a cascading bouquet or one made in a foam holder. It is modern, clean and beautiful.


I also like funky arrangements. I like to be challenged especially when someone asks me to add a nontraditional element like feathers, pine cones and dried lotus pods. I love when someone comes to me with a crazy idea like “Can you make an aisle out of giant flower balls that sit on the floor?” Why yes, yes I can. “Can you make a tree with candles in bird’s nests and hanging crystals as our centerpiece?” Stay tuned for my October 27th wedding and you’ll find out.