Eye Candy from Joanna Fassinger

I received a packet in the mail this week from the talented Pittsburgh photographer Joanna Fassinger. http://www.joannafassinger.com/ I had the pleasure of working with Joanna at four weddings this year. The package was a CD of the floral images from these weddings and the cutest little album of the following wedding.
My next few blog entries will feature these weddings and Joanna’s amazing work. Many people don’t know this, but I studied photojournalism for eight years. Of course, this was “back in the day” before digital cameras and Photo Shop. I spent my time taking photos on old school film and developed and printed my own pictures in the darkroom. It’s amazing to me how fast the world of photography has evolved. And I’m not that old.
So I have a little bit of a photography obsession and my google reader is filled with wedding photographer’s blogs from Pittsburgh and around the world. I always get excited when Joanna’s blog www.joannafassinger.blogspot.com pops up in my google reader with a new update. Her photojournalist style simply amazing. She is known for taking advantage of rays of light and reflections. This artistic approach is perfect for bringing out frame worthy prints for weddings.

We both had the privilege of working this Midsummer Night’s Dream themed wedding this past July. Dan and Josselyn were the most creative couple I have ever worked with and the results were pretty amazing.

This wedding was very lively! The lighting from Vincent Lighting http://www.vincentlighting.com/ was simply amazing as you can see in the following pictures. Josselyn was a gorgeous bride and had one of the most fabulous dresses I have ever seen.

These pictures speak for themselves about how amazing Joanna’s work is and how much fun we had with this wedding.

I’m not going to say anything else. Just enjoy the eye candy and stay tuned for the other weddings later this week.