Vase & Prop Rentals

The following is a list of items we are offering to rent to Event Professionals such as professional wedding planners, floral companies, event management companies, etc (all who have a Tax ID number). To make a rental or to request more information about an item, please call us at 412-361-4141 or email and we will be happy to assist you!


Gold Clarinet – (inventory: 24) —> rental price: $12/ea.
Silver ‘Aneesha’ Metal Riser (inventory: 13) —> rental price: $12.00/ea.
Glass Clarinet 32″ (inventory: 10) —> rental price: $30/ea. |
Glass Clarinet 24″ (inventory: 19) —> rental price: $20/ea. |
Glass Clarinet 24″ (inventory: 19) —> rental price: $20/ea. |
Glass Clarinet 32″ (inventory: 10) —> rental price: $30/ea. |
Glass Pedestal Dish (inventory: 15) —> rental price: $6/ea |
Harlow Stand – (inventory: 8) —> rental price: $20.00/ea. |(Harlow Stand colors vary throughout season. Gold shown here.)
Sculpture Stand 39″ (inventory: 10) —> rental price: $35.00/ea.
Gold Charger (inventory: 217) —> rental price: $2/ea.
‘Mackenzie’ Compote (inventory: 21) —> rental price: $12/ea

  1. All rental arrangements require a signed Rental Agreement under the following Rental Terms & Conditions:
  2. Item Availability: The availability of the above Rental Items is contingent upon Mocha Rose’s rental inventory and event calendar. Making an inquiry does not guarantee that a specific item is available. We can determine whether this is the case when we speak you about your desired rental dates.
  3. Rental Timeframe: Unless otherwise negotiated, item rental periods shall not exceed a one-week timeframe. For example, if items are rented on a Tuesday, they must then be returned to Mocha Rose on the following Tuesday by the end of the business day (5pm). We are unable to accept rental item returns on Saturdays and Sundays. If rentals are not returned by this time, a 10% late charge per day will be charged.
  4. Rental Pick-up / Drop-off : All Borrowers must arrange to pick up and drop off their rental items at our studio, located at 4805 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15224. Mocha Rose does not offer delivery or pick up services with this agreement. Boxes will be provided for rental items- all items must be returned in provided boxes
  5. Loss or Damage: All Borrowers bear the entire risk of loss, theft, damage or destruction of all items they rent. Borrowers are obligated to pay wholesale cost for all rental items lost, damaged, or destroyed. Specifics of these terms are established at time of contract.
  6. Event Professionals: At this time, we are able to rent these items to Event Professionals with a Tax ID number only— exclusively individuals operating under a registered business entity.
  7. Payment Information: A 50% deposit will be required to hold the rental props for your event. A credit card number is required to be placed on file with our office in case of missing or damaged items, late charges, or cleaning fees, if necessary. If items require significant cleaning upon return, a cleaning fee will apply.