Ben and Leslie’s Fall Wedding

This is the second wedding I have to share from the amazing photographer, Joanna Fassinger
I’ve posted photos of this wedding on my blog before but Joanna’s vision blew me away. I also didn’t get a chance to snap a picture of those absolutely gorgeous bridesmaid dresses on the wedding day. Talk about a dress that you’d be happy to wear again!

Ben and Leslie were such a sweet, stylish couple who simply said that they wanted a gorgeous wedding that bought out the feel of the season without being traditional fall colors. This is what we came up with and it will go down as one of my favorite weddings ever.

Ben and Leslie had Joanna turn this image into their Thank You cards. What a heartfelt and fun way to bring your guests into the wedding!

Loved the flowering kale!

And I always love to play in fountains…

Thank you Joanna for these fabulous images!