Behind the Scenes on Twitter

Have you ever wondered what a floral studio goes through to produce events? Join us on Twitter next week as I will be doing a “behind the scenes” segment on what goes on at the shop when we pull large events together. I’ll be posting pictures and updates of the whole process.

On a wedding day, guests just walk into the room and see an event that has been perfectly put together. What they don’t realize is that event has been in planning for sometimes longer than a year.

They don’t see us driving to the airport in the early morning to pick up shipments of flowers from Holland, Ecuador, Colombia and New Zealand. They don’t get to see us as we take in and hydrate thousands of gorgeous blooms. They don’t see how crowded our little 800 sq. ft studio can get (but we make it work!). And they certainly don’t get to see me driving a 16ft truck while wearing three inch heels!

Everyone always tells me “Your job must be SO fun!”

Well, yes! It really is. It’s also exhausting, but there is nothing that I love more than seeing the end result. Seeing a room perfectly put together. Holding a bride’s train as she walks down the aisle. Standing in the corner to watch guests’ reactions when they walk into the room. These are my moments and what make the 70-80 hours grueling week worthwhile.

So if you have ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes, follow us on Twitter next week as we put together the weddings of Brianne and Adam and Tara and Chris.