A Dutch Still Life Themed Wedding at The Mansions on Fifth, Pittsburgh,PA

I’m very excited to share this wedding from Craig Photography! When Stephanie and I first met, she began describing a very specific style of design that reminded me of an 17th century Dutch Still Life painting.  It is a very free and textural form of design. I always pictured the artist gathering anything they can find from their garden and surroundings to demonstrate shadows, textures and proportions in a very realistic manner.


As a result of the painter gathering what is accessible around them, the paintings are filled with highly seasonal flowers, fruits, vegetables and mixed mediums of containers. I suggested that we embrace this as a theme for her wedding and she loved the idea! The goal was to make everything look like it came right out of a Dutch Still Life painting.


 It wasn’t until a site visit to the Mansions on Fifth that I realized two of the rooms actually featured beautiful Dutch Still Life paintings over the mantels!
Stephanie and Dante were married in early November and we really wanted to reflect the seasonal feeling of early fall. She chose a gorgeous mix of ivory, berry, gold, eggplant and apricot to be the color inspiration.


We chose a soft mix of very full, open flowers that looked like they were picked right out of a cutting garden such as ranunculus, garden roses, hanging armanthus, vines and pepper berry. Some of the items were actually sourced from my own cutting garden because some of my pods and vines survived the frost. As an afterthought, we added branches from the ginkgo tree outside of the shop as they were a gorgeous chartreuse color the week of the wedding.
I went to the markets and searched for seasonal produce to compliment the colors Stephanie chose and came up with pomegranates, persimmon, artichokes, radishes, grapes, pears and apples. (It was a great week at the markets!)
Stephanie had been collecting various glass and metal containers, bottles and trays for us to use and we used some of our own pieces as well. She added special quotes about love to each table.
The end result was just gorgeous and and looked amazing with the style of the Mansions on Fifth.


Congratulations to Stephanie and Dante! More of their wedding can be found here: http://craigphotography.wordpress.com/2013/11/11/stephanie-dante-mansions-on-fifth-weddings-pittsburgh/


Photography: Craig Photography www.craig-photography.com
Venue: Jennifer at Mansions on Fifth http://mansionsonfifth.com
Florist: Mocha Rose www.mocharose.com
Make up and Hair: Beauty Justified http://www.beautyjustified.com
Linens: Mosaic Linens “Ivory Capri” www.partymosaic.com
Band: The Smoke Rings www.thesmokerings.com