Valentine’s Day

I’m going to keep this short and to the point. For Valentine’s Day this year, please remember to call your LOCAL florist!

It may be tempting to just go online and add an arrangement from a website into your shopping cart, but you have to understand how those flowers are getting to you. It’s it snowing? Is your order being shipped through Fed Ex? Is it going to be delivered at 10am and left on your doorstep to freeze? (FYI- flowers cannot withstand any sort of temperature below freezing!) Does a box of brown, mushy flowers say “I love you”?

Even if you are going through a website where the arrangements are being made by an actual florist, the ordering company is taking a large cut of your money. The florist can only put in the amount of flowers they are being reimbursed for. Call them directly!
Check out this article for an example of what you might get:

Becareful when you are on a website and a florist claims to be local, but does not have a mailing address. There are a lot of scammers out there that claim to be in your city, but they are actually operating out of some warehouse across the country.

To find a local florist, click here:

(PS. Mocha Rose Floral Designs does not service Valentine’s Day arrangements at this time, but we highly recommend Parkway Florist in Pittsburgh:

Happy Valentine’s Day!